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I'm Suyash.

An Inclusive UX Designer.

Building accessible and scalable design systems.

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Taking accessibility initiatives at Honeywell for the Forge UI Design system team.

Studied MS in HCI with a specialization in Accessible and Inclusive Design at the University of Texas at Austin.

Design projects

Design systems  |  Accessibility  |  UX Design

Honeywell: Data Visualization revamp

Revamped and built framework and guidelines for accessible data visualization library. 

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Design systems  |  Accessibility  |  UX Design

Honeywell: Enhancing Dropdown component

Modified outdated Dropdown component designs along with additional use-cases.

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UX Research  |  UX Design

BotIQ:  Predictive monitoring platform

An automated AI Platform for time-series forecasting and prediction of various types of numeric data.

UX Research  |  UX Design

Qio: Healthcare consultation application

A Video/Audio/Text-based consultation application for patient care. Traige-based appointment system for patients and clinics.

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Design thinking  |  Case study

Type green: Sustainable way of Recycling

A design solution to improve recycling and ensure sustainability within the Healthcare clinic system.

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To discuss more on my design process and completed projects in detail, please feel free to contact me through -

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+1 (737) 333-7945

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