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I'm Suyash.

A Design Aficionado.

Applying Human-Centred Design principles in my work through Interaction Design.

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My works -


UI | UX Case Study

A Machine Learning algorithms based automated  AI Platform for time-series forecasting and prediction of various types of numeric data.

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UI | UX Case Study

A Video/Audio/Text based consultation application for patient care. An efficient process of scheduling patient's appointment based on triage system.

qio web cover.png
qio web cover.png


UI | UX Case Study

Rhino is a digital version of the old traditional pocket money and piggy bank into a form that is more modern, reliable, detailed and easy to use.


BotIQ Website

UI Design

Website UI design for the product - BotIQ, which included responsive UI, branding, graphic illustrations, and structure for the website. 

bot web cover 1.png

To discuss more on my design process and completed projects in detail, please feel free and contact me through -



+91 8233488091

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