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My works

A UI/UX Design aficionado, working in the industry since around 2 years.

The portfolio includes personal projects and projects done for the companies I was employed as a UI/UX Designer.


UI | UX Case Study

A Machine Learning algorithms based automated  AI Platform for time-series forecasting and prediction of various types of numeric data.

bot cover 1.png


UI | UX Case Study

A Video/Audio/Text based consultation application for patient care. An efficient process of scheduling patient's appointment based on triage system.

qio web cover.png


UI | UX Case Study

Rhino is a digital version of the old traditional pocket money and piggy bank into a form which is more modern, reliable, detailed and easy to use.


BotIQ Website

UI Design

Website UI design for the product - BotIQ, which included responsive UI, branding, graphic illustrations and structure for the website. 

bot web cover 1.png
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